Friday, May 25, 2018

Stitch meditations this week.

I am continuing to do one a day.  Usually I will sort through fabric pieces and scraps in the evening and pick out what I will work on in the morning.  Three mornings a week I go to art groups at local senior centers. I do my stitching there.    Most people are painting or drawing, but presently this is my activity of choice.   Its so easy to carry a stitch bag with minimal supplies.   Not like hauling wet canvases and paints.    Here are some recent stitched pieces.

Thrift store find

I picked up this quilt yesterday in a Lodi Thrift Shop for $5.99.  It was tied in a plastic bag, folded so I didnt see more than a small section.   I figured as a cutter it would be worth the price so didnt bother to unwrap it.    Later when I took it out of the bag to launder it, I was surprised to see it is a usable piece.    Only the edge of borders on the sides show wear.    Its made a new home on my bed.   

Friends who share

My friend Sally sent a package of fabric pieces and variegated embroidrry floss.   This is a stitch meditation with one of her scraps and some of her thread.    Thanks Sally.   

Monday, May 21, 2018

Three more.

46 Stitch Meditations

I have created 46 of these small stitch meditations.  I wont be posting all of them.... but here are s few more.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Recent stitch meditations

Here are some other recent stitch meditations.

Thursday stitch meditation

Two stitch meditations. Both using a batik with grid pattern.  The top one has a frayed silk scrap.   The lower one is all cottons.