Saturday, July 6, 2019


This simple collage is made to celebrate the imminent birth of first great granddaughter, Valerie.  I was thinking pink but found these beautiful peachy colors which I pulled awhile back from a fashion magazine. Rather than tear it into smaller pieces, i left large images alone.   I think my granddaughter, the new mom, will like it better this way.  Now that I see it on screen, I think I will go back and fortify the peach color.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Hand finale

The reaching hand has metamorphed into a different kind of collage.  After two years of transformations and failures, and setting it aside...I think it is done.

I left three of the butterflies a few orbs and the hand.   But it has a new life now with the addition of collage papers, more paint and a better color palette.     I need to sign it and let it go.  

Carrot chorus

Ok. I admit this is an odd subject, but in my defense, and only artists will get it, I had some really pretty orange papers in my collage pile.  It was an aha moment.  When I tossed them on this painting the colors sang to me.   So i tore the papers into carrot shapes and lined them up.   In my stash of hand carved stamps which I created a few years ago, i had a set of faces. By stamping on orange scraps and gluing them down, it created the chorus. 

I had such fun making this piece and enjoying the colors, i may just do a follow up some time.  But for now. It can stand on its own.

The photo of carrots is from a magazine. I had planned to use it in a collage someday but certainly did not have this in mind at the time.

By the way this is painted over the unicorn painting. See ? Hes still there lower left side.

Ive had some interesting feedback as this progressed. Two people think I should put arms on them connected like a chorus line.  One thinks they need two legs.    So they can be in dance poses.    Lol.  Maybe the next one.  Right now it feels finished.   I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Let the singing commence

Now it feels like summer. This evening is the first time the cicadas are serenading my garden.  I have been waiting and listening every evening. 

At the same time there are fireworks in the neighborhood. I saw a stand selling them this morning. As it nears the 4th of July,  the night noises pick up. Lulu (on the left) is hiding in the closet.  Nikki is ignoring them.  When it gets too hard on Lulu, a neighbor suggested putting cotton in her ears.    It helps a lot.   She has bat ears. So hyper sensitive it is hard  on her.   Heaven help us if there is a fly in the house.  Off to her hiding spot in the closet, or glued to my side. 

The cicadas dont bother her as she seems to sense they are a natural phenomena...and they stay outside.   Sometimes we sit out in the dark and just breathe the cool fresh air and enjoy the concert.

This picture was taken when they were younger, but they look much the same now, almost a decade later.  Still the best dogs in the world. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Funeral for phone.

Have you ever had your trusty cell phone die?  Im in mourning for my electronic brain.  I loved it. Took it everywhere.  Depended on it for so many things.    Like everyone does.

Good gosh, I hope not.  It happens to my friends periodically, but it was something I was not prepared for. 

My contact list and address book. Gone. 
My calendar. Gone.
My photographs. Gone.
My music.  Gone.
Downloaded files. Gone.
Shopping list. Gone.
Saved messages. Gone.
Attached photos. Gone.
My history was there.  In bits and pieces.  Long story short.  Provider and techies could not get into it to save these things. We had to do a factory reset in order to make the phone usable. 

What I have learned the hard way.  Back everything up.  Dont depend on cell phone for everything.  Write things down. 

I predict that eventually the internet will fail.  Crash. Or be sabotaged.  We are all so dependent on it, I cant imagine how we can function without it.  The younger generations dont even know how to write and mail a letter.  Or write without spell check.  And forget math. Why learn it if you have a calculator in your pocket?    Read a map?  We used to get where we wanted to go without gps.   Write checks.   With a pen.  Then hand it to someone who checked your id before accepting it.   

 I will spare you further rambling grousing... just dont become so dependent on electronics that you cant function without it.       

Sunflowers day2

Heres what it looks like after a few hours with glue stick and paper scraps.  Later will cover with gel medium.  More collage first.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Watercolor study, sunflowers

I was thinking about doing a psinting collage of sunflowers.  I sketched this and decided a trial run with watercolor could be fun.   
Those dyed pages at top left were done with distress inks.  Im thinking of using parts of them in the collage.