Saturday, January 19, 2019

New Books

Well Shutterfly was a fun site to hang with during storm and headcold.  First I created the book of Country Roads.  It's really hard to edit down my watercolor studies to a 20 page format.  I have nearly 100 paintings to choose from. But I managed.  Can't wait to see it in print.

Then I started the next one celebrating my youngest son's offroad bike group.    OMAR. Old Men Adventure Riders.  They have such a good time and visit such remote, interesting places, often in the high Sierras.   I used photos they shared on FB.   This is a present for Matt.  I think he will love it.

Then I got another free offer, so created a book  of my watercolor abstract studies.  Again, I've done more than 100, but have given many away.   Making the selections and laying them out is the hardest part.  I really worked hard on this one. Including more text.  Got it to perfection and placed order..but it would not upload.  Several failed attempts, then contact with their support team, suggesting my tablet may be having memory overload.  So, ran clean up service, and tried again.  But then found my book had been scrubbed out of the system.  Damn!  Double Damn!!

This morning I redid it.  From memory, this time "my" memory.  It's not quite the same, but I was anxious to see if I could upload and place order during this free period.  Yea!!!

It worked.  Now it's just wait and watch for packages.

If I like them, I may recreate some of my altered books this way.  I would like to see how they look.     Then I can donate the originals to a special collections library, or sell them.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Falling for a freebie

It all started when I signed up for the Betty Crocker recipe site.  They send daily posts with the most delightful recipes that I can adapt to my special dietary needs.  So far we good.  But one day they sent an offer to produce a 20 page 8 x 8 inch hard covered book FREE.  Shutterfly produced some books for me several years ago, and now that this offer came in, I'm going to make a new book. 

Most of the photos I planned to use were taken on my cell phone.  I downloaded Shutterfly  app to my tablet and started to work my way through the process of selecting photos.   My goal is to use my watercolor studies of country roads.  And maybe later a second one of my watercolor abstracts. 

Many of the photographs needed to be reshot with the tablet in order to facilitate uploading to Shutterfly.   Now I need to edit down the number of favorites.   

A book I had done on another site years ago is too chaotic.  I tried to put in pics representing too many types of art.  Much like my life. LOL It does show examples, and progression, but it's not cohesive. 

I don't want this one to be cluttered up. 

Its winter with dreary grey or  rainy days, so I like having a project.  And I'm glad to find out that I can do this without using the computers that are either hard on my eyes, or in the case of the larger screen, has an operating system I dont like. 
I can hardly wait for Spring.

Monday, December 31, 2018

2018. The last leaf.

The senior center was open this morning . It's Monday and the last day of the year, so most of us assumed with the holiday on Tuesday, it would be closed.  A few quick phone calls last night and it was verified that it would be open. 

 It was 34 degrees when I let the dogs out at 7:30 this morning.   Brrrrr....   lately it has been between 30 and 34.  Today there was a brisk wind with a chill factor well below the 30s.   In California we don't normally hear wind chill factors with our weather reports, as its seldom so brisk.   

By the time my friend Ruth and I got from the parking lot to the more protected entry courtyard, we were half frozen, but spotted a beautiful leaf I picked up to draw.   There won't be many more after this blustery day.  A Winnie The Pooh blustery day.     Stripping the trees bare as if in a rush to get ready for the coming season of new growth and blossoms galore. 

So for the final leaf art piece of the year, I finished off my nature series in the Strathmire Toned Tan sketch book.  That's the second one I filled since starting the first one in January 2014.     Many pages in both are devoted to these pear leaves.

I already bought a new one so I can continue this series. 

Happy New Year, my friends!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

In the works

Its time to decorate the golf cart for neighborhood parade.   My neighbor and I do this together.    Our theme this year is digs.     I wanted to something non traditional and fun.   Starting with a couple oversized plush toys and adding in smaller ones collected but never on display.    Will post pictures later.   

Holiday touches

Im not decorating as much for Christmas this year as I am not hostessing my mixed media group here at home.  Instead we will meet in the studio at the gallery.  Mainly because our senior member is coming from out of town and is unable to climb the 5 steps at my place.    Here are some of my vignettes at home.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving cards

I took the leaf studies and stamped Give Thanks on the backs, inserted them in plastc sleeves and gave them to friends as thanksgiving cards.   My collection had grown so rich, they needed to be distributed.   

The stamps I used were hand carved a few years ago.  

Here a leaf, there a leaf

Adding inky doodles to the watercolored leaves.    Takes them to a different level.