Friday, June 28, 2013

Membership show in Lodi

July is  only hours away, so it was time to bring in new work to show in the annual membership show.  With a lot of new members, it will be a really interesting show.      There were about 6 of us who volunteered to man the registration tables and move art around.    Some new members came to help and that made it more fun.     They are eager  to learn and to fit into the gallery and are happy to have a local place to show their work.      I'm so glad we are attracting more artists to the new gallery.     

The temperature outside today is over 100 degrees, but the gallery stayed nice and cool.    It's a good thing.  Tomorrow is the second registration day.     I'm sure there will be just as many, if not more art brought in.   Today at 3 we had registered 54 pieces with two hours to go.

Out and about

This is such a good year for finding unexpected art shows and gatherings.   I just keep stumbling across them.     Last weekend in Murphys, there was an outdoor exhibit at a winetasting shop on the southern end of Main Street, downtown Murphys.  It is annual event.    I'll try to get there next year now that I know about it, and maybe I'll go up for Open Studios in the fall to see them again. .

 This is Ruth Morra of Arnold.    Originally my friend Francis introduced us, so it was good to see her again. 

Cate Culver was also showing her work there.   You can see more at    I particularly like her paintings of chairs.  They look so inviting, I just want to go sit on one.

   One of the best oil painters I've seen in ages was showing and now I'm a big fan of her work.  Iher name is Janette Jones, and you can see her work at      I can't afford to buy it, but I can certainly appreciate it.     She can breathe light and airiness into her oil paintings in a way I only dream of doing.    

Friday, June 14, 2013

Handmade paper and mandellas

It  was a full day of art yesterday with paper making in the morning and early afternoon, and then making mandellas in the evening. 

A few of our local mixed media group met at friend Marilyn's garden for a play day  making paper.  She had everything laid out, and set up work stations for about 8 people.   Only 5 of us were there, so we had it all to ourselves. It was so much fun. 

 Here is  Phyllis soaking up some of the water from her paper. pulp.
 Marilyn and Barbara are getting ready to make the pulp.   

Carol has dipped her screen into the pulp.

Here is the Mandella  group meeting in the Stockton Art League gallery.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Art in Sutter Creek Garden Shop

One of my favorite shops in Sutter Creek is the Victorian Garden Shop.    They feature fairy gardens in pots, with little furniture and fences and gates, etc.   Here are some pics from Sunday's visit.

The second one has more than one level with a little ladder leading to the upper level.  This  is the first time I've seen one like this, and the new gate and gate posts are recent additions to the shop.     They have to keep finding new things for those of us who collect and use their things in our  own little gardens. Click on it to see a larger view.    

I just had to show you the shadow of my cowgirl hat.   
Here is Pamela posing next to a deep scarlet geranium.    Don't you  love these hanging petunias?     

What has this got to do with art?   It's inspiration.    Including nature in your art can bring life to it.     Maybe add a flower, maybe add a butterfly, or bee, or an ant.   Maybe add a ladder and make layers and elevations in your work.   You never know just what will inspire you.   Maybe this garden will work for me.   Maybe it will inspire you too.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The gallery in Lodi is ready to open, so I took in some art to show this month.   Here  is the latest news on the gallery opening.          I am showing one of the art ournals which I'm now calling a scrap journal that I made in January.   

Also the altered book "Illusions"
and two collage/paint mixed media wall art pieces.  

   I may take the Alice meets the internet piece in as well, as it will have a new audience in this location.    I'd like to see where they place it and how well it shows there.  
  If you are anywhere near Lodi, make it a point to check out the new gallery.    We'll be open for business on Friday.   

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Art is where you find it

Yesterday a group of us took off for the foothills, picking up one member of our little group in San Andreas.   Our plan was to drive north up Highway 49 to Sutter Creek and on to Amador City for the annual All American Porch Sale.     When we drove into her senior Mobile home park, we saw a sign o the door to the clubhouse that said ART SHOW TODAY.     Hmmm.... So we checked it out and there were some good artists' work being shown.  All residents.   Several water color painters, one mixed media, two jewelry makers, a quilter who also weaves and does just about anything with fabrics.    Good snacks were provided including a big pitcher of sparkling lemonade.     It was a hot day so it just hit the spot.   What a nice group of people.  Made me want to move there and hang out with them.   

Then we went to the community garden just down the road where signs had gone up - ART SHOW TODAY.    What a hoot.   Only a few artists, one I met before in Lodi who is a good friend of Francis'.   Again, a mixed media artist, a couple watercolorists and a jewelery maker.    The master gardeners were giving lectures and the whole thing was very festive.     But we were in a big rush to get to Amador City to meet up with other friends  for lunch.   

Part of what we planned to do was gallery hop in Sutter Creek but we didn't have time.    The porches and sidewalks  in Amador City were full of bargains, and each of us came home with something.  I got a new sign for my garden that says Bird Sanctuary, hand painted by the artist showing them on the covered sidewalk in front of Sandy's shop "Country  Living".     We've been friends for nearly 40 years.   I used to have a shop there in town too.   She used to teach macrame when it was the hot item.   I feel like I've lived several lives since those days, and here she is, still  successful in her own little town.    The same with the gals in Buffalo Chips sandwich shop.   Family business now being run by the next generation down from the gal that started it. They use the same pie recipes.    I'm a pie person, so appreciate the quality and freshness.   A good pie is a piece of art.  

The first weekend in June appears to be a great time to visit the foothills.   There were yard sales, flea markets, the Italian Festival, and any other number of things that we whizzed past.   There just are not enough hours in a day.      I hope you are having a fun weekend too.