Saturday, July 20, 2013

Swapping with online art friends

I fairly recently signed onto the Trodden Path group, where I found some old friends.       Evie hosted a swap with a theme of Home Sweet Home, where we each made a dozen tags with that theme, mailed them to her, she divided them up, made a little cover for them, added some nifty fibers and binding clip - and then mailed one "tag book" back to each participant.   I was anxious to see it, and was pleased with what came in.   

I love swapping.  You never know what you'll get.      This is an international swap, so that makes it even more interesting.      This first tag was made by Sarah Gordon.   I think it is very sweet and sentimental. Reminds me of childhood and the little books we used to read.    I suspect Sarah may be from the UK because the little words "wee house" might have a different meaning in USA.    LOL  Thanks Evie for hosting the swap.  

Mid July

This month is speeding by.      Back to the hills again, this time with Phyllis and Jean for a quick visit with Frances and a few fun hours at a sneak preview for White Pines Flea Market.    It doesn't open until the first weekend in Aug, but they had so much in the ladies wear room and the furniture building, they opened for one day to clear out some of the clutter at bargain prices.      We didn't even make a dent.     Then we grabbed some hamburgers and went to picnic area at the lake.   Here are the gals munching down burgers.
The Mixed Media Group in Lodi, nicknamed M&Ms met this week as we had to cancel the week before, and will not be meeting next week as usual.     We had a quick challenge to use M&Ms in an art piece.   Here are a couple of the things the gals made.   You may recognize the art of Roberta with the gal with the bow.   

    Here are pics of the group meeting around the work tables at the new studio space in back of the gallery.

We planned to work on a collaborative collage, but we had so much show and tell, our time was used up by that.    Most everyone had something to show.    After the meeting people had time to check out the art in the gallery.  It was a fun time.