Saturday, July 30, 2011

More dog cards

Here are more examples of the dog series. Dog pics are from the Bad Dog book, most text is from an old chidren's book Princess Polly's Playmates, from 1911.

47 post cards ready to mail.

i've been working on a series of dog post cards and they are ready to be launched. today I got them stamped and addressed so Monday they will be at the post office and on their way. For these, I put the address labels on the side with the printed images - because - they are used pcs. Already sent to someone else years ago. Messages postal marks and stamps are still on them. Great stamps sometimes. Too good to cover up - so I just jazzed them up a bit, covered the addressee and old address. I'm sure someone in the post office system will be cussing me out, but I love the way they look and after all, don't we all like to read someone else's mail? I bought these old cards on ebay and have lots more to use in the future. Whenever I get inspired again.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Puzzle time in Lodi - collaboration

Our Lodi group met today and we played with large puzzle pieces that Roberta picked up at the White Pines Flea Market three years ago. She was giving them away and I grabbed them for this play date. Some of the gals got an early start by taking a piece or two at our last meeting. Some of us waited until today to work on them. We didn't finish; some of us brought pieces home to finish. We'll assemble it on the 11th of August at our next meeting. Our only rule was, that we had to stay within the boundaries of the puzzle piece, except for the flat sides. We could add on there. Or we could build up. Which some of the gals did.

Back in my working days we often had puzzles in the break room and anyone who wanted to could work on them. It was always fun seeing the progress and helping. I miss that more than the work. LOL

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Collaborations coming back to inbox

These are some of the collaborative works that just came back in. the one with the fish on the guy's head is from Pat Schmidt. The one with the red bird is from Punwit. The witch in red is from Bobbi Gardner. And the Aristocrat is from Char. Thanks friends I love them all. It is always fun to look at all the tiny seemingly insignificant details that bring them to life. Quite often they are done on both sides, although I usually only show the fronts here.

my inbox runneth over

I've had a couple great mail days. Here are some of my favs that popped up there. The pc is from Linda Giese. On the other side is the end of the sentence "box of insecurities". The circus tag and stash are from Meridel Abrams from a Cloth Paper Studio group swap. Thanks, gals. What a fun day this made.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Out and about

Sally, Nancy and Eddie, and I went to lunch yesterday and then to our local art museum - the Haggin for a Salvador Dali exhibit. If you have a chance to see it, GO. It was an awesome experience to see his work up close and have time to digest each piece. I could get nose to the glass to look at little details. Where else could I do that?
The paintings were so varied. I loved the ones with multiple images emerging from the background. I was totally tickled with the long masterful skinny legs on a figure, where the watercolors changed hues. Some of the images were disgusting or hideous, but given what he was illustrating, they fit the text. All in all, it was so good, I'll probably go back again. I think they are having a lecture in a week or so. I'd like to get to that. Here is the brochure for the exhibit, and also one for the museum.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fish Wife - a new painting in progress

I bought a sweet little snapshot of this woman on ebay and am using it as inspiration. First I scanned and printed it on ancient graph paper ( I was out of copy paper). Then I decided to sketch her on some water color paper. Oh my. It's not her face, it's my mom's face. I did it again and the same thing happened. Apparently mom is visiting my muse right now. Hi Mom!

Next, I blocked in one copy with watercolors and left it alone for a couple weeks. When I revisited it I still did not like it, so I started to layer some pattern tissue and papers over her, took her out of the boat, stood her up and gave her a bucket. I notice the fish got a lot bigger. Hmmmm.... I did this at the senior center on Monday.

I know technically there's a lot left to do on it, but personally I like it rough like this. A little charcoal defining shape of head and apron. I'll finish off the skirt and apron next week and let her sit awhile. Maybe something will speak to me. Hmmmmm..... Roberta, are you out there? What shall I do next?

BTW my mother passed away more than 20 years ago. It's kind of nice to have her pop up in my art from time to time.

A new painting /collage started

I had a magazine picture of Rudolf N. the great Russian ballet master, and I liked the pose, so started this with that as an inspiration. Here are pics as it progresses. My friend Francis gave me an old mat which I am collaging and will paint to bring the piece into one, with three levels. Here are the pics.

I started by painting the background and Rudolf in the blues and greesn against the arches. I didn't like that, so cut out two thicknesses of watercolor paper and collaged them together to give them some depth, then painted and glazed it. My thought was that it will raise him away from the background. But then what? At the last minute at the senior center yesterday, Francis took out some older mats she didn't want, and one fit my painting. But, I didn't like the color. So I went ahead and collaged it with torn papers, and sealed it with liquid gel medium and titan buff liquid acrylic paint. I'll be playing around with it some more this weekend. And then I'll return to this post to put up the finished picture. UpdatedJuly 24.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mail art, inbox July 19

Here are some things that came today. Head out for a Drive is from my pal Pat Schmidt in Folsom, The Iron Market is a collaboration with friend Linda McAllister. She really discovered mail art and altered art this year, and took to it like a duck to water. The slick post card from Jennie Hinchcliff in San Francisco is a promotional card for a bookbinding class.

Fabric post card

This is a new one just arrived from Chris McCracken in PA. I dont' know Chris, it looks like a California Happy cow to me. Thanks, I love it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

In box brought a starter

This one was sent by friend Suzanne in Sacramento.
I have ideas floating around in my head for this one. Thanks S. I love to work on your cards.

I sent off a new batch of cards today. There will be more smiling people looking at their mail tomorrow or the next day.

A glitch in the collabortive circle

Three cards came back in this week. Two of them were not signed and their previous address labels were peeled off so I cannot tell who returned them. If you sent one back and see it here, please identify it for me. The one with the fish was sent back by my pal Nancy. I peeled back the label and found her name. Thanks Nancy and whoever else sent the others.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mixed Media in Lodi - torn paper collages

Yesterday Patti Wallace taught a workshop on torn paper collages for our Mixed Media group at the Lodi Community Art Center. We had such a good time. She had tons of torn papers from magazines and all kinds of glues to work with. Here is a pic of our group, and some of the things we did. The individual shots are what I did yesterday.

Mail art - in box

Here are some of the new cards that came in yesterday. Oh Boy is from Norma in Florida, home from her fab vacation in Spain. The collage/fiber/tulle one is from Rosemary who used her iron bonding technique that she taught me. The face is from Jennie Hinchcliff in San Francisco. I'm always glad to get her cards - she is teaching this summer so does not have a lot of time to make cards. The Summer one was scanned through the plastic wrap, so sorry about the image. It's a really special card, fabric with beads, shells and flip flops sewn on. I love the stitching on the sand. This was from a swap in the Mail Art Post Card group online. Thanks gals, I love each one of these.

Collaborations coming back in

Wow! yesterday was a great mail day with some of the collaborative works coming back. The couple walking is from Sally. Dog with dots on surface is from Rosemary, Dog with stretcher is from Marie. Joanna returned the one with the boy wit the multiple shirts, and Susan worked on the vintage card. The White House card is one that Bobbi worked on. She's the one with the quips for all occasions. Thanks gals. Now I'll do a little more on each one and send them back again or on to someone else.