Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Getting in the mood....

a few sunny warm days and I was off to the nursery to check out the seedlings and plantables.     Here they are on my deck, waiting for another warm day.    It was foggy again today, but they looked cheery anyway.

Owl Swap Feb 2015

Some of the gals in  an online group decided to swap owls.  We got this swap idea several months ago but waited for deadline in Feb so it would not be in conflict with holidays.    Here are the flat ones that I sent and received.   One is fron Arizona, two from Texas, one from Canada, and mine (its the one with the fabric feathers).    I have then grouped together on my table.    the feathery owl and the little clay one on wire feet are from my Christmas collection.   I thought they'd like the company.      

Thanks gals, that was a fun swap.    I love the variety, and all the different techniques you used.     They look so cute together.   Only the one on the left arrived with a broken button eye.  I have not replaced it yet, cause I kind like it this way.   LOL     

I made mine to hang off of wine bottles.   The feathers are a mix of text from a book,  some cotton fabric, silks and some upholstery materials.

Friday, February 13, 2015

What's ahead in March

I posted a long post to the Lodi Art Center blog today, and will just enclose a link rather than reinvent the wheel.    The mixed media group is having a showing of our works, and also my pal Frances is the featured artist.    Here is the link.    http://lodiartcenter.blogspot.com/2015/02/wht.html

Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine collaborations

Our mixed media group finished our little collaborative valentine booklets.     Two sizes.  Smaller ones the first week, then yesterday we did a larger size since we all had our supplies handy and enjoyed the first time so much.  This was all based on a piece we did at my pal Bobbi's house years ago,.       Our Lodi Mixed Media group had not done them, and when I showed a sample, everyone chimed in that they'd like to do it there.  So we did.

Some of us had prepared our pages and just had to glue then in each book.  Others chose to draw directly in each one.   Each person did their own thing - and had a good time doing it.  And they each got to take home a book with everyone's art in it.     

Hearts and tapestries

Hearts and tapestries. Finished.   It must be getting closer to Valentine's Day.  That's when I really think in terms of reds and rich fabrics.     I started this last year and then set it aside.   When I chanced across it the other day, it just begged to be finished.   I'm so glad I did, because I love it.       This reminds me of friendships.    The tiny pieces of tapestry and upholstery fabrics on the covers are from the little hang tage envelopes at JoAnne Fabrics.  They cut little pieces so you can take them hone to see if they match your project.    My pal Bobbi and I started collecting then years ago,a nd I had enough to cover this book and several others.  I just randomly stitched them together.    Lots of wonderful textures and colors.  This book is really nice to the touch as well as the eyes.      Inside I used larger pieces of tapestry upholstery pieces from sample books.  Some were given to me years ago by another student in an art class.  She knew I used fabrics and she seemingly had an endless supply - she knew the right person.  LOL 

 Most of the red ones are from a sample book that

my friend Sally found in a thrift store in Sacramento one day.   She spotted it before I did and showed it to me.   I was green with envy, but then she pointed out there were more on a low shelf.     Soon as I had it in my hands I was ready to go make something.     LOL    I've used most of them now.     In this and in previous projects.    Mostly around this time of year,      I added in some vintage postcards and  paper dolls cut from scanned post card images.      it's full of pockets, some of them netting stitched over the fabric, so the fabric still shows through.   It's too beautiful to hide.

The little toile house was another thrift store find in Calaveras County last October.     I wasn't sure why I needed that little curtain valance, but it had just the image I wanted and the perfect fit for my book.    

Here are the results.   I can see I could enrich it even more with the addition of some carefully placed beads, buttons and vintage jewelry.     Maybe next year.    

More altered books - on Ted Talks


Altered books, an exhibit

I have been following a blog, and one of the places she has taken us recently is to an exhibit of altered books.   Here is the link to her blog.    There are four different posts, so grab a cuppa something and sit back and admire them.   Some are totally awesome. http://jennifercoynequdeen.blogspot.com/2015/02/odd-volumes-part-4-lastmaybe.html

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Playing art catch up.

Yesterday Frances, Trevor and I went downtown to pick up our work from the Mexican Heritage Center.    Here are some pics of the show in their gallery.

This was the Art Against Violence exhibit.    i was really impressed with the spaciousness, lighting, and the way the show was hung.   they did a great job.     

Our mixed media group has been meeting every week in January and will do the same in Feb.    It's a great way to stay energized as a group and individually.     One of our founding members was able to attend last week, and a new member is now on board.   Another newer member who claims she is not an artist, although she has won several ribbons for her collage work in juried shows - is getting used to us and I think will be a  good addition to our group.
I think we are enjoying the weekly format so much we might go on into March with it as well.

march is our group show at the gallery, and I spent all day today designing the post card announcements, and tying up loose ends with the members.      it's been a long day sitting down, don't ask why I'm back at the computer again.   LOL    

This week I mailed off two  sets of post cards for swaps.  I think it was 26  total.    One of them had to be hand carved, and both were winter themes, so I used the same image for both sets.      Here is the polar bear stamp I carved, stamped over vintage music pages from an old book of hymns.   

Here is the little owl rubber stamp I carved.   

Next I want to show you two post cards I recwieved this week.

The colorful one which was a RAK from my friend and mixed media group member Barbara is so bright and cheery.  Thanks Barbara, it made my day.     Ant it was one of those dreary foggy days! 

This next one is from Beth, one of the CA Art Girls who swapped Winter Themed post cards.   It's done with aluminum duct tape and gesso over shapes that give the texture. .   it's a very cool look.   In fact, it's downright chilly.    Thanks, Beth.