Monday, April 20, 2015

Where's the time gone?

Update on my "masterpiece".   It was sold at the show, by someone whose heart it touched.  i could not ask for more.

My mixed media group is planning a destash tailgate party  First week of May.    Good.    More things can leave my studio.    I'm excited and starting to sort - again.    Trouble is I keep finding things that would make good group projects.   I have to talk people into doing them though, and that is not always easy, as everyone has their own things to work on or their lives to lead that don't necessarily align with my destashing.    LOL       so, they will have first pick, then one of them volunteered to haul the rest away to a donation point - thrift store.     Bless her heart!   she means it too, she isn't hauling it home secretly.    

Here is a picture of Rich Allen take by Frances.    I think I'll paint him.   He is a past president multiple times of the Lodi group, and was chair of the Spring Show. 

Next month is also the month when my friend Jean Janssen will be the featured artist in Lodi, and we are busy making plans for the reception.   Her work is amazing - particularly since she works in watercolor.   some of them are so subtle, but others have wow factors, and since she has been experimenting with new techniques and subject, her work is soaring.    She's in early 80, teaches at local university senior program and also in Lodi for the community senior program.       All that wonderful energy and still learning.    I'm a huge fan.    Here are a couple pieces of her work and the post card designed for her show.   

I hope we have a good turn out and she gets some good sales.