Sunday, January 3, 2010

A new piece of art - winter theme

The title of this piece is February 19th. Why? One of the scraps used in the background has that date on it, and since the requirement was to do a winter theme - and Feb. 19th is still winter - that would work for a title. The Lodi Art Center has a membership show this month and the theme is winter. The problem was, I only decided to do it the day before it was due. I was very rushed, to say the least. Here it is. The story behind it is that I often feel like burrowing down a rabbit hole in winter and wait for the sunny days to return to come out. I couldn't find a little girl in a position I wanted to use, but found this ca. 1890s illustration of the little boy. The text with him says "I believe I'd like so much to play". This was another piece that kind of came from my playing around with the practice book.

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