Thursday, April 1, 2010

Citrasolv questions

The biggest question is "Why?" and then second is "Now what do I do with it?"

The first answer is always the same. Because it is there. We have to climb the mountain. Other people are experimenting with it - so we need to try it too so we can add to the conversation. Now what? Well, use it to make other art. It is good as a background, it can be cut up or torn to use in collages.

I did a composition this morning with only those National Geographic pages that were treated with Citrasolv and a glue stick on watercolor paper. I cut the pieces to look like a mosaic - except for the central image which is a page where the CitraSolv was used around the edges but didn't extend across the page. This was an accident, but when I peeled it out of the saturated magazine, I liked the image so didn't redo it. One thing I like to do is scratch into magazine pages with my little box cutter, or exacto knife. This time I used the box cutter and scratched in the second figure. It scratches really easily because the ink is thick and still sort of floating (although dry) on the surface of the paper.

The article these pages came from was apparently about immigration, hence the fence. I wanted to use the theme for the piece so the fence would make sense. Hence the fence makes sense. How poetic! LOL

What else can be done with this technique? Well, it makes fun backgrounds for digital art. I took portions of this piece and played with them in PhotoShop Elements - you can what fun I was having.

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  1. Hi Janene - You know, the other thing you can do with this technique is to enter it in our Citra Solv Collage Contest! We hope you do. Your collage would be a great addition! So glad you experimented with the process and shared it with others on your blog!

    Many Thanks! Melissa and the Citra Solv gang