Thursday, April 25, 2013

A little spritz, a little spray...

One of our mixed media group had a good source for ordering 2 oz spray bottles, so a bunch of us went together and ordered in bulk.     I know, I know, we are not buying more stuff!! We are all trying to get rid of stuff!    But, this was so tempting and the price was right.  You know how it is.      We planned to spend this morning mixing our liquids and spritzing and spraying on our artwork.   Unfortunately we cancelled the meeting today, but since I had prepared some practice pieces I thought I'd  share them here.

These are all done on 4 x 6 watercolor paper cut from a big pad of paper.    For some, I used tubes of watercolor paint and about an inch of water.   I poured the water first, then added about a teaspoon of water.  For some others I used tubes of gouache in the same amounts.   And finally, I used some old water soluble inks squirted into the water until I thought it looked right.     They all work about the same.    I was delighted that the watercolor didn't fade back as much as I thought they would.    I sprayed through an old piece of lace on some of these.  And added a few rubber stamped images with permanent ink. It's easy to mix your own colors also or overspray with several colors.   I can see a lot of possibilities for these sprays, can't you?     I better get out some of my stencils and masks next time I have a practice session.

 The trees are crayon with diluted ink sprayed over them.

 The three faces were quick scribbles of crayon oversprayed with various colors of diluted watercolor paints.
I think I'll try more of them with water soluble crayons to see if the colors intermix.
 This shoe stamp was sprayed with diluted gouache through a piece of lace.  I like the yellow ochre color in the gouache.  
This one is diluted liquid watercolor sprayed through lace over a rubber stamped image done in permanent ink.

Next I will be trying these sprays over a collaged background.    I think it's really fun to have them premixed and right at hand. They are all standing in an old plastic cookie "tin".    Deli packages are very useful for storage in a studio.

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