Saturday, July 20, 2013

Swapping with online art friends

I fairly recently signed onto the Trodden Path group, where I found some old friends.       Evie hosted a swap with a theme of Home Sweet Home, where we each made a dozen tags with that theme, mailed them to her, she divided them up, made a little cover for them, added some nifty fibers and binding clip - and then mailed one "tag book" back to each participant.   I was anxious to see it, and was pleased with what came in.   

I love swapping.  You never know what you'll get.      This is an international swap, so that makes it even more interesting.      This first tag was made by Sarah Gordon.   I think it is very sweet and sentimental. Reminds me of childhood and the little books we used to read.    I suspect Sarah may be from the UK because the little words "wee house" might have a different meaning in USA.    LOL  Thanks Evie for hosting the swap.  

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