Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Art Against Violence Exhibit

"This exhibit showcases area artists' responses to violence and it's impact on our lives. The range of this show, from hopeful to painful, is designed to stimulate thoughtful conversation and positive action."     These are quotes from the post card designed to promote the show.   "Experience the powerful  voices of participating artists who choose to care."    "Art can make a difference."   

It was quite an experience to enter this show.     I had some works that would fit, so I didn't need to think too hard, but I did have to change them so they could be displayed properly.  Changing an altered book to a painting - that was a challenge I had never considered.   But I felt the message was strong and needed to be there.      Being killed or injured in a DUI situation is an act of violence.

The second piece what was based on my reaction to a news report of  Rihianna and Chris Brown's abuse case followed by their reuniting.  

Frances entered a piece based on the Roosevelt's and what they did for the country that helped allay some of the social and financial issues that lead to crime.

We bravely headed off for the very scary downtown area where the Mexican Heritage Center is housed.    It was a bright clear chilly Saturday morning.    The downtown area is dead on Saturday mornings.  None of the office buildings  were open for business or the banks and government offices.    We drove through deserted streets, shaded by the tall buildings,   The only people we saw were homeless people wandering.  We passed streets with torn awnings, boarded up windows and doorways, random graffiti, and few other cars.   My grandson Trevor who used to be a security guard at the big bank building on the Northeast corner across from our destination kept us company and made us feel safe.    We didn't think it would be wise for us to be in that part of town without an escort.   I'm so glad he was with us.

We met two nice ladies who were taking in the art, and got a tour of the gallery space.   It's a wonderful space, rented from the Mason Lodge.     It's clean and well kept up.  But it was sooooo cold we were shivering.     We did not see any other artists bringing in their art, and thought it looked like a very small showing.    Perhaps the time of year was bad, as we were all thinking about the holidays instead of paying much attention to the call for artists that pour into our emails.     Plus - none of my other art friends had or plan to do any works that would fit the theme.        Anyway, we chatted awhile then came home back to the suburbs which seem a million miles from the downtown area which is actually less than 10 miles away.  

I left a post card with the young lady that helps me at Aaron Bros yesterday and she wants to enter something, so I told her to call them and see if she still can.  She has been to the exhibit previous years and thinks it is very important and her work would fit right in.   I hope she follows up and is accepted.    I'd like to see her work.      After the reception , I'll post some pics and let you know how it went.   


  1. You girls are brave but I'm glad you had a body guard!

  2. Janene, I read this when you posted it earlier but didn't have time to respond. How was the reception? Were there more artists' works there? Glad Trevor was with you. I'm so impressed that you reworked your pieces to get them in the show.

  3. Janene, I don't think my first comment "took". I'm impressed that you reworked your pieces to enter this show and I'd love to hear how the reception went. Did more artists put in their work?