Monday, December 31, 2018

2018. The last leaf.

The senior center was open this morning . It's Monday and the last day of the year, so most of us assumed with the holiday on Tuesday, it would be closed.  A few quick phone calls last night and it was verified that it would be open. 

 It was 34 degrees when I let the dogs out at 7:30 this morning.   Brrrrr....   lately it has been between 30 and 34.  Today there was a brisk wind with a chill factor well below the 30s.   In California we don't normally hear wind chill factors with our weather reports, as its seldom so brisk.   

By the time my friend Ruth and I got from the parking lot to the more protected entry courtyard, we were half frozen, but spotted a beautiful leaf I picked up to draw.   There won't be many more after this blustery day.  A Winnie The Pooh blustery day.     Stripping the trees bare as if in a rush to get ready for the coming season of new growth and blossoms galore. 

So for the final leaf art piece of the year, I finished off my nature series in the Strathmire Toned Tan sketch book.  That's the second one I filled since starting the first one in January 2014.     Many pages in both are devoted to these pear leaves.

I already bought a new one so I can continue this series. 

Happy New Year, my friends!