Thursday, October 8, 2009

Book Arts Jam

It's time to get ready to show my books and to see all the other amazing book arts at the Book Art Jam at Foothill College (Los Altos, California) on the 17th of October. You can follow the link for more information. If you are within driving distance I urge you to attend. It's free except for a minimal parking charge. A whole day of browsing and talking with book artists and printers. There are a few vendors there too, so you can pick up some amazing things - like special papers and supplies.

I will have an 8 foot table there to show my books (which are not for sale). My problem now is editing!!! I have so many I'd like to show - yet I don't want a crowded table. I like people to have time to sit and enjoy them page by page - if they are interested. I will have white cotton gloves for those shy about handling them - although I encourage people to pick them up and handle them - even if they fall apart. I can fix them again.

I want to show the Ruins book because it is very unique in the world of altering books. And Food Poisoning, Headaches, City of Bones, and The Economy because they are quirky and fun. My Fair Lady is such a beautiful book, it should be shown. White Crosses, What's Love Got To Do With It?, and Surviving are my deeper books, more thought provoking. They need to be shown. I wanted to show some fabric books and the Mushrooms, Kitchen Chairs, etc - but dont' want to give up the room. My plan is to show the books open, resting on a little pillow/cradle - to invite turning pages. Two rows - smaller books in front - and the larger ones behind them. I've been making Captions to print and place with each book, explaining a little about the technique or the inspiration. I am also commited to printing handouts with information including a link to this blog. Hmmmm....... I've got a lot to do. The black tablecloth is washed and ironed. I've yet to make the book pillows. I'll post pics later - I think they are very clever and handy.

Anyway, if you are nearby, come say hello and enjoy the day. You'll see so many awesome and different types of books you'll be dazed! You'll meet a lot of fascinating people and be able to talk to them about their work and their methods. It's a unique opportunity. Hope to see you there.

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