Saturday, October 24, 2009

Time in a Frame - new pages

I've been down in the studio with the doors wide open so the dogs can come and go, and the fresh air can pour in. Temperature in the 80's today, and as sunny and bright a Fall day as one could ask for. Here are the next couple pages I did today. The gentleman shown in the previous post now is transformed! And on the page across from him is an old mining photo which is altered to look like a ride down to Hell. The children are lined up to get their tickets when you see the two pages side by side. The photo of the woman is a typical Victorian portrait which has now been altered by layering white paint over her face, gluing on the skeleton head and finding a little tiny fork in my embellishing stash box. I used the page preceding her portrait to cut bars so it would look like she is imprisoned. this page is opposite the creepy house shown below.


  1. Omigosh! I think that did more than make me smile....I think it's making me well!! You have a very inventive mind. The fork was made me laugh out loud. You're the best!

  2. My fav is the bar "carnevale", fun piece!

  3. Great stuff, as usual. I was looking through my practice book prompts from you (ready for the next one!)and remembered on the one about text I was going to say i use a website called ransom note generator to do cool text effects.
    Thanks for the prompts!
    Linda B.

  4. Linda, I went back and added your note about the ramsom note generator to the text of that practice prompt. Thanks. Janene