Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A book or a box?

One of my local mixed media groups is having a "nest" challenge this month. Another group is challenged to use something we got free from our tailgate party supply exchange a couple weeks ago. Often we bring new things into our spaces, and they just sit for a long time - so this challenge is making us look at the new stuff and trying to utilize at least one new thing. It's a good idea.

I figured everyone will probably think Bird nests! And I love working with bird themes. But, fate stepped in and now it is a Wasp nest project. While I was in the country wasps decided to build a nest right over my door under a low overhang - so I was having to duck and dive to get past them while entering and leaving my living space. I decided to take it down, and with the help of some pine fragrance air freshener, I opened the screen just enough to give it a spray and the wasps all took off. While they were gone, I used a stick and took the nest down, scooped it up in an old peanut butter jar, and patted myself on the back for taking care of this problem without asking anyone for help. I'm so brave!!! Pat, pat.

The idea of the wasp nest was born of that acitivity. I remembered a little damaged book down in the studio about bees. Old and warped and water stained, it was such a sweet thing I never could throw it away. As I was reading the little book, I read how the bees know exactly where their nests are, they go by visual landmarks. I remember this was true of the carpenter bees in the country. I had not considered this with the wasps. Sure enough when I came back upstairs there they were, only now they are agitated. Looking for their lost nest. I felt bad for them, but when it's them or me - I'm not going to spend my days ducking and diving! They will have to find a new place and move along. It's been a couple days and only a few come back now. And I give them the Pine scented spray which sends them away. I tried spraying a little clorox cleaner on the spot where the nest had been thinking the fumes would keep them away. Didn't seem to bother them, but it dripped down and bleached my door mat. Call it art!

Back to the project. Pics tell it pretty well. The nest will go into the little tin with glass top, that's what I picked up as a freebie from Bev at last meeting. this one project will cover both challenges, and I get to use and save my little damaged book. I know the book is about honey bees and I'm using a wasp nest. Artistic license. I'll post another pic when it's done.

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