Sunday, June 20, 2010

More on Alice meets Steampunk

I'm back to share more of this piece. What I show tonite is not the way it looks today, but how it looked last week. I've changed it a lot since then, but will shoot new pics and post them later. I held back showing pics because I was considering submitting the piece to something like Somerset Studios for possible publication. But, after reading the directions and seeing the time lags - it is possible that if they wanted it sent to them, it might be out of circulation for a prolonged period of time and I would not be able to show it in local galleries or shows during that time. I'd rather have it in a gallery than in the magazine where they make money off of of everyone else's talents. Sure, I could have my five minutes of fame but then I'd be waiting for it to be returned. It is such a dimensional piece, it is a richer experience for the viewer to see it in person. Anyhow, here's how it looked last week.

When I started this, I didn't expect it to be anything special, or probably even worth keeping, so I did a lot of things wrong. I glued things in right away, without giving a thought to painting the background on the inside. I'd used colored gesso on the outside. So, later I had to peel images and gears out, paint the background and then put the images back in. Sometimes i had to redo an image. I wanted to get rid of Howard Hughes and Janis Joplin's face - for copyright reasons - in case I wanted to publish. Those are done now, and you will see the results here soon.

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  1. This is really great. i love this piece. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished art.
    hugs, joey