Saturday, December 11, 2010


Where has the time gone? There is always so much going on in our lives - it just flies by. I'm sure you have the same experience. My desktop computer is not hooked into the web yet, I'm still waiting for the boys to clean it out for me. They want to do it. I"d as soon pay someone else, but it's a matter of family pride. LOL Think we can do anything! But there is never time. I put it off waiting for the new internet system to be installed here and then the family network. Now we have AT&T Universal and not sure it will do what we expected it to. It was supposed to be 8 times faster, and that was what the kids wanted. But now we all have new television problems, and the internet system has glitches that have not been solved yet. Seemed like it was very sophisticated and state of the art, but I have misgivings. We may switch to something else if they can't work out our issues. Anyway that's the reason I"m so behind in blogging.

It seems so much more tedius to download camera into one computer save it there and then have to copy images to bring to laptop. It's simple enough - it just takes extra time and effort. And time away from making art!

I'm pretty much totally immersed in making post cards right now for mail art. I had planned to bind them into books, but instead I mail them off to people! Why not spread them around. I'll be mailing the next batch on Wednesday. I even made my Christmas cards as post cards this year.

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  1. Nice to see your latest art - you've been so busy!

    Janene, I was going to follow but I don't see the Google friend connect anywhere. I see my old blog link's here - if you'd like to update it, it's

    Evie xx