Saturday, April 16, 2011

One stamp post cards

I found a stamp in my collection that I had never used. It was misfiled in the circus packet. The same day I came across a couple of post card books in the studio. I thought I'd combine the two things. The post cards are from "Expressionism" by Magna Books, and "Ernie's Post Card Book" by tony Mendoza put out by Capra Press in Santa Barbara. I didn't want to cover the images entirely, so instead used stamps, rubber and postage, with a few clippets. Here are a few of them.

Three of the paintings are by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, the one with the golden retriever is by Erihc Heckel.

Now, who will I send these to? Hmmmmm.... That's part of the fun of mail art. Who would appreciate these? It makes me think of each person and their likes and dislikes. The golden retriever HAS to go to friend Jill, who lost her beloved Max last spring. She will appreciate the good old boy.

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