Friday, June 10, 2011

The beauty of words

I just bought a pack of flash cards, really old ones with the states shapes and related facts on them. Things like the state bird, capitals, etc. They cost one dollar at the Library Used Book Store.

I was thinking of making some post cards with them and picked off my bookshelf the ancient copy of Lalla Rookh by Thomas Moore that I sometimes use phrases from. One of the first pages I turned to, was page 185. You see I never read front to back or back to front unless I'm seriously interested in the whole book. Anyway this portion of the text was so fine, I wanted to share it .

"Such was the golden hour that broke
upon the world, when Hinda woke
From her long trance, and heard around
No motion but the water's sound
rippling against the vessel's side,
As slow it mounted o'er the tide--- "

Doesn't that create wonderful images in your head? Does it make you want to grab your paint brush? Or read more of the book?

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