Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quilt show inspirations

This week there was a quilt show right here in Stockton. The Tuleburg Quilt Show. You can bet I was there with some friends. We are all mixed media gals, and Sandy actually is the quilting arts diva of the Lodi Art Center. Her work took two ribbons in the show that is there now. Here are some pics. Bobbi, Sandy, and Phyllis are the friends you'll see here. The gal behind the table working is Elinor Peace Bailey of doll pattern fame. She was a kick. She was teaching people how to paint faces on fabrics. One of my favorite things was the self portrait quilt done by a group of friends. That puckered purse was done with a new product that when steamed, shrinks by about 30%. I"m going to get some of that for sure. Do you see the cats in the veggies? It was so clever we had to look twice before we noticed that they are veggies. I could not get a full pic the way it was hung. But, what I could see, I loved. I'm sure patterns for these things are available online.

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