Tuesday, November 15, 2011

rubber stamp carving

I don't think I shared a little something I learned about carving rubber eraser stamps. Or the plastic type erasers. I found mine stuck to each other sometimes, and could not figure out why. I joined the Rubber Stamp Carving Consortium online and asked the question if others had experienced the same problem. Immediately several people responded with horror stories of how their had stuck to drawers, or each other. Seems some plastics and rubber can react to each other and one melts into the other. Some of my white eraser scraps stuck to the bottom of a plastic waste basket by my desk. Stuck firmly. In fact, welded themselves to it. So, the word is, plastics and rubber don't play nicely together. Be careful how you store them. I'll have to go back to the messages I got to see what storage methods people were using that didn't present any problems.

By the way my friend Roberta is starting to carve. I knew she'd have to try it sometime. Check out her work and the rest of her blog. She has long interesting posts with lots of pictures. Here's an old pic of her at the art bunglow a few years ago. Link

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