Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting out the paints

Hungry for the feel of a paintbrush in my hand, I dug out a pad of paper and some acrylic paints and gesso. Inspired by Modgliani portraits, I did a quick of a woman with a super long chin, one of the things he did. Just for fun. Then painted it. Ahhhhh.... it's been too long since I painted. This old orange easel is one I got from my brother long ago. It's proving to be quite handy on the porch, where paints can dry and the light is so good.


  1. Happy New Years Eve!
    I think that painting is great!

  2. Janene, I love this! Even before I read your blog post, I thought "Modigliani"! I've been researching his art, and admiring his long necked beauties...and yours is beautiful! And I love your use of colors too. Just Lovely! Glad you were hungry for your paintbrush :-) All I can say is...more more!!!