Monday, December 26, 2011

Lodi group exchange

the Lodi Mixed Media group decided to have a pot luck finger food brunch and a card/gift exchange. So we each made one thing. We gave each item a sticky note number and the corresponding number went into the hat to be drawn to find out who got which gift. I got this lovely piece by Barbara Schwartz. It is drawn on denim. I love it. "Santa" is Vivian modeling a woven kimono covered ade with a Chinese newspaper. It is covered with packing tape. She made this more than a decade ago. It is an amazing piece of work.

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  1. Hi Janene,
    I am Back!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas!
    Mine was very nice.
    I love this piece that you received.I also love the photo of you, with the cute hat. You have been busy like always and that is good. I received your lovely angel postcard.. thank you!
    I am catching up on blogs now so soon will post the things I received.
    I just uploaded photos of my trip if you would like to see them. Please leave a comment. Tomorrow I will upload more.
    Love and hugs