Sunday, September 2, 2012

Swaps in the mail

I am ready to send off my leaf ATCs for a swap at Cloth Paper Studio. I just got a couple nice swaps in the mail and thought I'd share them here. The one with the words Oh oh, oh. is from Beth, one of the California Art Girls. She's the one that usually thinks up the swaps. This was a swap on words. I don't think they'll show on the screen, but there are adorable little staples scattered on the card.

The other card is from Dr. Amy in Virginia. It is part of the peel off tape "peek a boo" swap for the CPS group. I really like the way she carved the tape into wavy lines. And they blend in so well they don't even look like tape. I've only peeled up one piece so far. There are two more and I'll let friends have the fun of checking under them for a hidden message. There may not e any more words - but we'll see.

The Harlequin Romance series are post cards with most of the backgrounds painted out and adding some stamping. They'll go out soon.

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