Friday, September 21, 2012

They warned us

A while back the blogger program warned us that they were changing everything!   I did not learn the new system because I was stubborn and like the old system.  But, today - it's a done deal.   No more choice available to use the old system.     So, I'll have to use this new one and figure it out as I go.     I hope there is a better method of loading and placing photos and text.  That would be an improvement.     I see there is an add video feature now.    Hmmm.... wanna see videos?     I have no idea how to do this    I  hope there is a good tutorial available.      There is something called insert a jump break?  Do you know what that is?   Not  me.   Hmmm... something else to learn.    I think I need a hug now.     

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