Friday, February 22, 2013

Changing times

On New Years Day I shut down the Mixed Media Artists of Northern California group that had met for many years in Sacramento.   It was sad to see it go, but attendance had dwindled to nought, and no one could take over the group after I stepped down to start the Lodi Mixed Media Group.   Some of the membership migrated with me to Lodi, thank goodness, so I see them often.     Those in the group that are most interested in book making still meet in Sacramento in another venue.   

Another splinter group, started by Wendy years ago, is still in existence, the Critique Group.   It is a tiny group that have stuck together all this time.     We had a meeting last week at one of the members homes in Sacramento.     Pat and her husband had recently undertaken a remodeling project, and we got to see her fabulous new kitchen and all the changes, including a sloping shower so she won't ever trip over the doorstep   What a fab idea!      One of our members is buying a condo in Florida and will be spending a laot of her time there exploring the art community on foot with her husband.   They are looking forward to this adventure.    We'll miss them, but Susanne assures us, it is only part time.      They will maintain a residence here too.    At least that is the plan.      We did not have a lot of work to critique this month.   Susanne had a couple  large paintings she wanted us to comment on and make suggestions about.    This we did.  Roberta is no doubt, our  most productive artist and she always has a lot to show us.      And likes to have her work critiqued as part of her growing process art-wise.    She has been taking a workshop online with Misty Mawn.    You must pop over to Roberta's blog to see what she's been up to.   She also painted 30 paintings in 30 days.    This is the kind of thing Suzanne used to do for the 20th Street Gallery in Sac.   Sally has been busy doing her magic with invitations for her granddaughter's wedding, and decorations for her shower.    Pat was so busy with the renovations and her health issues that she has had little time to produce any art.   Her whole renovation was so creative, I think she deserves a big hand for a job well done, and well designed.   I wish I had taken pictures in her kitchen.   The colors of the woods, the tiles, and the granite counter tops, was so masterful.      Kudos, Pat.    I only had my little art journals to show this time, and I have yet to photograph them or scan to upload.  I will soon, I promise.

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