Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Feb 20

A lot of time has elapsed since I took time to post anything to my blogs.    My best friend had an aneurysm and that kept me pretty challenged, mentally and physically.     She is home now and I am only visiting once a week in person, otherwise by phone.  She's made miraculous strides in her recovery, but has farther to go up that road before she can resume normal life again.

One of the exciting things that occurred during January was the Photography Exhibit in Lodi.    My grandson Nathan showed three photographs in it.  This is his first public showing of his work.    It was also his Birthday month, so I took him shopping for the frames and mats for the show.    He had a good time picking out each frame for each photo, and was satisfied with the way they looked.  In fact, he's pretty proud of himself.    This was a juried show, so he knew he only had a chance to get in, and hoped to get at least one in. Then when all three were accepted, he was so thrilled.   The whole family went to the opening reception which was very well attended.    In fact, it was crowded.  The quality of the photographs exhibited was wonderful.    It is still showing for the month of Feb, and I am able to go again, so I can really soak in the images and admire the details.  The photo above is one of mine that I was going to enter, but I decided to concentrate on helping Nathan instead.    You know how grandmothers are.   LOL

During January and Feb, I worked in little art journals in my spare time.   I have found them to be a lot of fun, and have just used materials at hand, and not following any theme.     I completed two in January and am almost done with a February one.     The latest two are in the little leather bound art journals sold by Hobby Lobby, for $2.99.   I like the feel of them, and the small handy size.    I've also been using the Tim Holtz distress stains to make polka dots on pages.     They were a newer purchase and it's been fun having those wonderful colors in my arsenal.   I'll post pics soon. 

Here are some of the post cards s I received recently.    I'm so far behind, there are New Years, Valentines all together.   I love getting these post cards, thanks friends.    Cards are from Linda Geise, Linda McCallister, Nancy Sadoyama, Beth Kelsey, Char Stott, Bab Schwartz, Norma Soulet and one Anon.   They came from all over the place, including Florida and Hong Kong.   How cool is that?

The Mixed Media group has been meeting every Thursday in Lodi for the first two months of this year.   We are trying it out to see if we like meeting that often.  It has actually been good for me to have this break in the week, and friends to chat with.    Can't say we've done much in the way of projects, but things are in the works.   Like the Word Project.   We each picked a word, and are making a page to illustrate the word, then will make copies or photocopy enough so everyone can have a page and make a little collection. 

We had a super Valentines Day party, with all kinds of goodies to go with a cup of tea.    It was so easy and fun, not much work for anyone, and put us all in a good frame of mind.     We had show and tell that day and some freebie sharing.  One member had the back of her car loaded and lots of things were taken.     I took another blank journal.      And some white feathers for a friend who can use them.

Jean Jannsen and I are showing some art in Tracy, so we had to make a trip there to drop it off, then again for the opening reception.    My piece will be moving on to the Tracy Theatre show ( the art director selected entries from the Tracy Show) where it will hang until Mid May.  I've never shown any of my art in Tracy before.    It was a lovely reception, met several people from Lodi and Stockton there.   We were able to see a wide range of art by people I had not met.     

That's it for today.  I need to get busy scanning.  Then I'll pop back in and add the photos.     

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