Friday, March 21, 2014

A few new things.

Yesterday was our mixed media group meeting.  We worked on journal pages, with stencils and paints.  And collage and doodling.   I only got as far as paint and stencils.    And a white Sharpie paint pen.    I sure like that little pen.  So far it has never clogged or been stubborn to start, or skipped like some white pens do.   I recently purchased a Tim Holtz white pen.     It was dreadful, and I took it back for refund.      Don't waste your money on that pen.

You can see on my journal pages, how nicely the Sharpie while lines show up.    On the upper pages I used some of the new stencil girl stencils.   I love them.    Some of my friends borrowed them during our play time.     The figures are hand cut stencils.   The one of the left I cut out of a post card that came in the mail with three ladies holding weights over their heads.  The front one cut out easiy and the slick postcard is a wonderful weight and type.      The one on the right hand page is one that was handcut by my art friend Jackie.  She made it with a stencil cutting heated tool.   I have yet to try this, although the tool is down in my studio.    

The bird was just for fun, There is another one on the opposite page.

This is a drawing of "Carson" from Downton Abbey.   I'm working really had to get his likeness, and it's getting closer, but as you see, I'm not there yet.      He has such an interesting face.   He scowls even when he smiles.  I think it's the eyebrow thing.  He started out looking like "Bates".     Part of this still does.     I hope I can figure out what needs to be done before I erase right through the paper.     I have moved his nose and mouth around so many times you'd think it would be worn out.  

When I started seriously working on drawing faces, I was reluctant to erase anything, it was so hard to draw.    Now that it is getting easier and I'm more confident, I can erase and eye, or the nose or anything and figure I can draw it in again without the angst.   This is a huge step and something that's been in my bucket list for a long time.

If I ever get it to look more like Carson, I'll repost so you can see.    In the meantime, if you can tell me where I went off track here, I'm glad to lissten.     All suggestions are welcome.    Maybe the right eye needs to move farther to the right?     Hmmmm.....


  1. Since you ask... I think I have found the photo you are using. You are showing more of his hair then we see from this angle. His neck has more skin folds and I think you have given him too much lip definition. He's old, his mouth is more of a slit than a cupid's bow. Eyes are definitely broody.
    You're so good at this, I can only find picky things to comment on.

    1. Thanks for suggestions Diane. I'll rework his skinny mouth and take another look at my reference photo re hair. YOu know when you look at something too long, you get lost. I needed another pair of eyes. Janene

  2. Great work on Carson... I would love to say he is one of my favorite characters.... but I like 97% of them!!! Can't help with the drawing part... I only draw stick figures.

    1. Okay Beth, I think I can figure out the 3 percent you don't like. No doubt the same ones I dislike. I want to draw Daisy soon. Thanks for your comment. Janene