Friday, February 28, 2014

The blue eyed cowboy returns

I'm gonna have to name this guy.      I think I'll call him Bill.    

This is one done by tracing my own drawing with soft lead and then plopping it down on a sheet of water color paper, rubbing it down and then lifting the tracing paper off, leaving the lead behind on the surface.    I added the color with glazes.    A tiny bit of paint mixed with acrylic glaze medium.   Very liquid.  I gave the background a rustic look which I think suits him.   Does he look like someone who could put up a fence around a corral?    Or play a guitar?      Or ride a horse out on the plains?
 This is the tracing paper I used on the one above.   I quickly glued it down to another sheet of water color paper and then glazed around him.  It's a fun exercise to see variations of a single subject. The creases on the page are from the folds that develop when the tracing paper is saturated with liquid gel medium.    I rather like it.
This is so cool.     One of the transfers form the tracing paper over my drawing.    not much lead transferred, but the faded image is appealing to me.   I'm going to leave this one alone for reference.

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