Saturday, October 17, 2015

boiled books part 2

 Here we go again.     Taking the boiled book package out of the pot.   Can hardly wait to see what's inside but waited to let it cool and sit overnight.

 Look how black the water in the pot turned.    Perhaps because I used some leaves from black oak tree?

Here is a packet, note the wires are now rusted.   Hmmm...  hadn't thought of that.   
 What I'm doing is opening the booklets, page by page.  They started with the fresh leaves and plant debris inside but now are soft and flattened against the pages.  Soem of those little dark splotches were small red rose petals.  They did not leave any color as I expected.
 this is the page with the plant materials removed.
 Here is a page with the imprint on opposite page.
 Another one with imprint on opposite page, birch trees give off the yellow cast.   
 Geranium leaf imprint on opposite page.    Of course on the page under the leaf there is also a lot of color transfers and will be shown later.
 Here is a layerd page, with an iris sword, oak leaf and birch leaves over the top. 
 this is the opposite page.
this is the 2 page spread after leaves are removed.

 Finely cut Japanese maple leaf.
 Leaf removed.

 Dried iris leaf. rosemary, thyme.   Showing opposite page.
 With leaves removed.
 Bay leaf, rosemary, black oak leaf stem from garlic chive. showing opposite page.
 stringy stuff was from an old sisal planter liner.  Just curious what it might do.   
 Leaf assortment showing opposite page.
 Same spread with all leaves removed.
Instead of stuffing the pages with leaves, I thought I'd try a subtle piece.    I think this is from heavenly bamboo.   shows on opposite page as well.

 I turned back the bottom page which had been pressed up against the back of a ceramic tile with grooves on it.     Black oak leaves. Tile pattern looks like shutters.   
shown with plant material removed.

I expect these will dry lighter.   Will know later.

I'm pressing some of these cooked leaves.  Not sure how that can work with boiled leaves, but worth a try.   Would like to use some in the books.

These photos are from one of the two packets.   The other one I opened in the studio last night.   I'll show pics from that in next post.     I wanted to see if it made a difference to leave things stacked overnight.     I'll know later.  I guess I should let them all dry before comparing.       

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  1. I like how yours turned out, I imagine you drawing or doodling or writing on these pages. Nice run of page photos.