Monday, October 12, 2015

Sewing as art - or just plain practical

I don't know what happened to my family.  All of a sudden everyone busted seams in their pants.      Trevor is in culinary arts program and wears a black and white houndstooth trouser.    Bent over the oven, and split a seam.    Grandma to the rescue.   Candis split out her workout tights.  Grandma to the rescue.     Nathan split out his favorite black pants he wears to work.     Grandma to the rescue.     Matt - well he doesnt split seams so much as pops buttons.   Mom to the rescue.

But sometimes I sew for art too.      Here are the post cards I stitched before adding the colors.     

And lastly, one after inks sprayed and spattered on them. I had sprayed the watercolor paper with water first, so the colors bled and moved and blended.     And ;the dyes soaked into the paper rather quickly so there was no way to lift them.    It is what it is.     I rather liked how the ink leached it's way down the stitch line to make a shadow under the hairline and slong the chin. btw I used black sharpie pen for eyes with sharpie white paint pen for dot.     

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