Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Board Book - Aprons

The apron board book I was making for Rosemary's birthday is done and delivered, so now I can show pics. I've been gathering apron images for some time, not quite knowing how I would use them. But, as Rosemary's birthday drew near I knew it was time to put them to use. Nothing too big, nothing too lengthy, just a nice remembrance personally designed and constructed for her. I chose a board book to cover because they are easy to work on and the construction is strong. I didn't need to glue pages together, or worry about the binding. My steps were:
1. Select the book.
2. Select the papers to cover the pages. In this case I wanted kind of a country kitchen look.
3. Spread out images and fabrics. ( I always have way too much stuff at this point.)
4. Start playing with layout. What images would I want to use on which page? Where would I want to use text? ( I had already written three poems that I didn't really like, but I used a stanza from each one as captions.) Start to edit down your materials, selecting your favorites. I always think at this point that I have it conquered! All I need to do is glue it in. BUT - I always change things as I go. I get a new idea - or I see that it needs something else. I guess it is instinctive. But, these changes always improve the work, so I don't hold them back to stick to the original plan.
5. Cut binding off so it would be more flexible.
6. Use Aileen's Tacky glue to glue down paper, applied liberally to the page and evened out with a sponge brush, smooth out the paper with your hands. Leave the crease where the pages join. I find that gluing a paper across the crease often causes problems and it's easier to avoid them than to fix them. So, I glue each page separately. Allow time to dry.
7. Work your way through the book, page by page, gluing in your images, text, and fabrics. I often find if I have cut out an image, that it needs a little paint or pencil, or pen to outline it so it stands out better.
8. After everything is dry, review your work. What needs tweaking? What can be added to perk it up and make it richer? Texture? Color? Embellishments like buttons? I love to use buttons and find they give the texture I want, and add a spot of color. And they also add the element of repetition. Sometimes it's nice to have threads coming out of the buttons.
9. I covered the binding with a fabric because it is flexible and it adds to the charm of the homey little book. I chose a print from an old feed sack for the binding.
10. Final touches. A bit of outlining? A bit of gesso to age the pages a bit more? Your signature?

I use basically the same technique here as for a fabric covered board book. I posted that method here earlier. By the way, this book is a sister book to one I did on Kitchen Chair Memories awhile back.


  1. What a cool birthday present - I'm sure Rosemary loved it! I love aprons and your idea was a splendid one. nancy

  2. Such a lovely Birthday present!!
    Xo's johnna

  3. This is so CHARMING, Janene!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi,
    I so much enjoyed looking through your alterd book. Thanks for the journey!
    Love and Laughter,

  5. Janene -- very cool and your bits of poetry are perfect as captions!

  6. This is such a great altered book. I love the theme and how you ran with it.
    I have had a very pleasant morning perusing your blog and books. Thank you