Friday, September 4, 2009

Practice Book - Prompt #4 - Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day here in the U.S. I thought it would be a good time to practice using a page or a spread in your practice book to memorialize something, or someone.

How can you depict the person? Do you have a photo? A letter written by the person? Their favorite song or color? Something that reminds you of them. A funny joke they liked to tell? Their favorite food? Something you shared with them? A holiday? Dates that were important in their lives? Or to memorialize an event - the date, the place, what occurred? With a practice book, you can try and try again. Try to capture your emotions. Your response to the event or the person.

Start by gathering your materials. And make notes. Then think about how you want to lay them out and what you want to emphasize. It's your page, you can make it as simple as you like. A single memory. Or a page full of memories. Just a word. Or an essay. A mark on the page, or a collage of images. I won't tell you what to do, just give you some things to consider. You are finding your own way to your individual style. Or - just playing. Either way, it is fun to do.

The things I gathered here are memorializing my little aunt/mentor/friend. We spent so much time together and read so many of the same art books, that we always had much to talk about and even more to try. It's hard to edit down a spread that could go on and on into a whole book - but I remind myself this is a practice page. It's actually a good time to practice my editing skills.

Who or what would you like to memorialize?

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