Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Modesto 's Airmail 100

I got my official response envelope from the Modesto Art Museum where I had entered a post card into their mail art show. This is a pic of the pc I sent them mostly done digitally. I was lucky to have a usable stamp on hand with an airplane on it. The other pics are the envelope and the stamp on the back that I got in the mail today from them.

Enclosed was a list of participants from all over the world. Germany, Spain, Japan, Netherlands, Italy, France, Brazil, Denmark, Greece, Sweden, Finland, United Kindgom, Belgium, Poland, Canada, U.S., Malaysia, Morocco, Portugal, etc. Participating in an art exhibit with people I'll never meet, but in some minute way our lives touched for a moment- it was fun.

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  1. Wow!!!!!!
    Love the design!!!