Sunday, January 2, 2011

More on Postal Art

I've had a lot of spare time to devote to making post cards while it's the rainy season, so have been working in series. I spent a couple days making backgrounds from some experiments done to resemble birch forests. I was trying to recreate something I did a few years ago. I couldn't do it, but the resulting pieces would make good backgrounds for post cards, so I cut them up. these are fluid acrylic paints and torn paper napkins on Stranthmore cold press watercolor paper, 140 lb weight. i used a 9 x 12 pad, so it cut easily into 4 4x6 post cards. I had the bird images printed a few years ago for another project and thought they'd be right at home in a forest. And a new book of quotes, The Reader's Digest Quotable Quotes. I suspect it was Reader's Digest that got me interested in quotations when I was a youngster. Ford Times, another little publication, had the best images of birds, and RD had the quotes. What more could a kid want to read? Oh yes, the best of all, the World Book of Knowledge in 20 volumes. It had it all. wonderful illustrations, projects, poetry, stories, and endless subjects to read about.

Here are a couple of the new birds in the woods series. A series of 20, each one uniquely different.

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