Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cloth Paper Scissors reader challenge

I've never been one to want to enter reader challenges, or enter things for publication, but my friend Roberta got me interested enough to enter one today. First I had to do a self portrait of "little me". Well, actually, I read later it doesn't really have to be me, just something to represent me. Hmmm... and I wasted the better part of two days trying to paint myself. Roberta mentioned this challenge to the Lodi group and a couple of the other gals are submitting what they created.

Te carved stamp was done by converting a photo of myself to a rubber stamp image in Photoshop, then printing it the size of my eraser. Then I penciled over the lines I wanted to leave for the ink and pressed it hard against the rubber eraser. It leaves the image on the eraser. Then I carved everything else away with a box cutter. I should try to use more sophisticated tools to do detail work, but the box cutter fits my hand so well, and it's what I'm used to. Show Boat was on TV and I cut away all the way through it. I don't think I even looked up once, not even to see Howard Keel. LOL Now, that is dedication to art.

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