Friday, August 12, 2011

The puzzle

Here are some pics of the collaborative puzzle the art girls in Lodi created. a few people didn't get their pieces back in time, but they can fill them in when they are in the gallery.

I just got an email from someone wanting to know which pieces I did. Can't you tell? I did the far lower left corner with the fish and Alice swimming, the Nat. Geographic gorilla next to the blank space, the gal with green face, and the piece directly below it.

I watched the Dog Whisperer when I did the green face. He was working with a gal who stars in a production of Wicked who has a little dog that stays with her in the dressing room. When they apply the makeup to her he's fine, but when they make her hands green, then they powder them and she claps them together to get rid of the excess powder, the dog starts barking and won't stop. Sometimes barks right through the show. Not to worry though. Dog Whisperer to the rescue.

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