Friday, January 20, 2012

Catching up in the art world

Time has been zooming by without my posts, so let me tell you what's been happening here. Our mixed media art group met and discussed our plans for the coming year. Ideas were aplenty to get us started. We had 19 people there and it was way too crowded to do anything but talk. We also had show and tell, but with that many people, it was difficult to get around the table , and then we didn't get to see things up close or to handle things and ask more questions. Several of our regulars were not there - and if they had come we would be in danger of squishing each other around the long tables. It was a good meeting though and we got to see some of our members who we had not seen in awhile. It was wonderful to see them. We have some good things planned for the next meetings, and we'll just wait and see how the crowding goes. I think we will have to cap our membership for the time being so we can accommodate those that are already signed on. Who would have thought we'd find so many interested and interesting people to make art with.

Earlier that week a few of us went to see a demo by artist Lynn Slade, who does beautiful collage/paintings with washi paper and watercolor. Lots of layers, and interesting textures are created. She dyes her own washi so she gets beautiful subtle tones and variations. Her work can be seen at

Yesterday Patti Wallace gave another workshop on torn paper collages, using magazine images. I'd been playing around with them for the last week and was ready to sit down and try something new with them. What I chose to do was work sort of mono chromatically. Previously I had been working with bright, intense colors. I found a picture in one of the magazines I took to tear up which inspired me to do a woodsy scene with a path running into the woods. I'll pst pics soon. The fish lady is one I did based on a charcoal study I did some months ago. I did the collage last week.

I've also been working on post cards, of course. Valentines for friends and for some swaps I signed on to do. Of course, I made them with dog themes. I was so anxious to get them out in the mail, I forgot to scan or photograph them. Today I need to work on fabric post cards for one of the groups. Next week at our mixed media group, we will be working on our own projects with the theme of love, romance and hearts. I need to figure out what to take to that meeting.

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  1. I absolutely love the fish woman collage. There is something that draws me to the white between the torn pieces that makes the collage just beautiful!