Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Valentines coming in

My mail has been a lot of fun this week. I love to get Valentine cards. I know, it's still January, but it's close enough. Here are new ones. The beautiful hand stitched one with beads is from Nancy Goodman in Illinois. The charming vintage romance is from Peggy Gatto. Norma Soulet from Florida sent the cute girl in the big hat holding out her heart. The one with lace at the top and the vintage card attached with red stitching is from Beth, in the Santa Cruz mountains. I love each one of them, and when they are sitting together with the others, it makes me smile every time I pass them. And everyone who sees them wants to check them all out. You gals are getting lots of compliments and praise from strangers in Stockton. Thanks so much.

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