Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stitched faces

I've ordered a new sewing machine that will have a drop feed which will allow me to do freestyle stitching. I've been fighting my way with the old machine for a long time and finally decided I wanted something more modern, with more features. So, today I did some more of the stitched faces I tried out last year. This is still with the old machine. For some reason I always made myself use a running stitch. No stopping and cutting the thread and starting somewhere else. Just one continuous line. Like a sketching exercise. But, finally after some bad stitches, I wondered why I had put that restriction on myself. Today I told myself to lighten up and just work with whatever number of lines I wanted. That was when I was about done for the day anyway, so I'm not sure what the next ones will be like. I think they will be a lot neater. for one thing, I can turn them over and stitch on the other (right) side. Anyway, here's the practice pieces I did this morning. It was so nice and warm today, I spent the afternoon gardening and bathing the dogs.

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