Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Mail Days

Here are a few of the post cards and mail art I've received lately. Aren't they fun ones?

There was a time not long ago when if you clicked on a photo, it would give you it's file title. It doesn't seem to work that way now, so even though I put artists name in the title, it no longer shows, so here is the list of artists. Stamped envelope is from Joanna Taylor, red first class man from Jennie Hinchcliff, zen shamrocks from Debbie Reid, Irish toast from Sally Peters, Clover makes you happy from Nancy Sadoyama, pot of gold from Trina Nelson, vase of flowers is from Linda McAllister. Thanks ladies. I love getting your cards. And I love sharing them on the blog so more people can enjoy them.

BTW 2500 post cards arrived yesterday, it was the order for the Spring Art Show. I love the idea that so many people will have some of my art in their hands and maybe on their refrigerator doors. We'll be mailing in a couple weeks.

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