Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mixed Media in Lodi

Our mixed media group met this week to make mail art together. It was a very relaxed time, we had no instruction (no one needed any) and we just called it a play day. Our oldest member who will be 80 this month is a riot. She was in a very silly talkative mood (not unusual for her) and she had us in stitches most of the morning. I don't know when we have laughed so hard. We don't need Joan Rivers. We have Frances. An Irish story teller par excellence. She takes her fun everywhere with her.

When we started the mixed media group, I invited Frances to join us, knowing she would enjoy the gals, the projects and friendships - and I like being around her. At first people found her endless questions annoying ad there would be a lot of eye rolling whenever she spoke up, but soon people got to know her and respect the breadth of knowledge she carries with her, and understands the questions are really because she is one who wants to learn everything. Now, we treasure her as a real jewel.

She had a stroke a few years back and says she had a great time in the convalescent hospital. Everyone else I know has hated their time there, but it gave Frances lots of people to talk to, lots of activities to take part in, and she made new friends there.

At the senior center she is involved in anything that is fun. Frances tap dances, does other dancing with the high school students that volunteer to teach dancing, has lunches, pot lucks, - you name it. And she is utterly fearless about talking to everyone, whether they speak our language or not. She is usually smiling - and laughing. The other day she came back into the art room with a plate of sushi to share. Someone had given it to her, and she could not refuse it. She said it would have hurt their feelings, and that's something she can't do. None of us are sushi lovers, so she was stuck with it. I love her attitude. Want a party? Invite Frances, and it comes with her. Happy Birthday, my friend.

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