Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fabric flowers

The Cloth Paper Studio group online is having a fabric flower swap. I thought I'd signed up for it, but when I checked the database, I had not. The pictures posted by the swappers made me want to make some anyway, but Rachel emailed that I could still get in the swap. So, this morning I set out to make some. No pattern, no real idea, just messing about. At a quilt show last year I purchased a darling little green and pink fabric flower for my hat, and I thought I'd copy that idea. But then I remembered a cutter quilt in the closet and thought I'd make them with an old quilt. Well, that idea went by the way when I reached for a hot pad in the kitchen and noticed the edged which had been clipped and then washed to make an interesting edge. Thought it would work for flowers too, so that's the direction I went. First to the drawer of fat quarters, and picked out some fav colors. I used a single piece of the cutter quilt in each one, and about 6 -8 circles traced around the bottom of my gel medium container. Stack, stitch, and clip. Sew on a button or two. How easy can it get? I washed a couple in the laundry and they really curled up on edges. Here are some pics.

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