Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Keeping busy

How did we ever find time to have a life and work a regular job? There are so many fun things to do all the time. I went out and bought a new car to replace my old Toyota Rav4. This was a great car, so dependable and worry free. But, since it passed the 160,000 mile mark awhile back, I've been starting to worry about being on long drives in the summer heat to come, with two little helpless dogs along. What would I do if something went wrong along the road and we had to stop and wait for help? Well, not that a newer car couldn't have problems - but the likelyhood is that an older car eventually will start to have problems. So, now I have a much newer Rav 4. It's quite a bit larger than the earlier version. In fact, it's very roomy - particularly in the back seat with lots of knee room. And it feels so much more powerful. AND--- the ride is so much more comfortable. My old one drove like a little truck. I felt every bump and pebble on the road. I got used to it. Now I feel like I'm driving a luxury car - it's very cushiony.

I bought it on Monday last week. I've already driven friends to Sacramento to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, to Herald on anther day with friends along to visit a friends' horse ranch, and then back to Sacramento yesterday for a meeting of our art critique group.

Linda, the one with the horse ranch has challenged us all to make some art inspired by our visit. we could pick up things around the ranch, or use photographs - anything. I started carving a rubber stamp yesterday. I'll post pics soon. I'm using a photograph of her daughter's huge black horse. It was so beautiful and majestic. The miniature donkeys were so friendly and adorable, but the horse was so impressive, he was more inspiring.

Tomorrow the mixed media group will be painting ceramics in Lodi. That will be fun since many of us have not done ceramics for years, or even decades. I probably will go to the country for the big Memorial Day celebration with bake sales, arts and crafts show in Arnold, bingo, and lots of activities.

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