Saturday, October 6, 2012

October is here - mail art

Here in California Central Valley, October came in with 100 degree weather.   Not the normal first week of October rain that I depend on.      But, the light is changing fast.   The angle of the sun is making longer shadows and shorter days.    I like the shadows, but don't like the short days.     I still try to work out in the garden in the evenings until it is too dark to see anything - but that's coming earlier each day.    So then I changed my routine to finishing off the evening in the studio.   

My mail box has been picking up speed again after a little lull.  Birthday cards mostly.    Like this one from Renee Rogers in OK.   Thanks Renee for this special treat.       

On the mail art front I have a few new things to share.   One from Linda McCallister, the pinkster.    And from another Linda (Giese) a card using the bubble paint technique for background.     I've tried this before and didn't get as interesting a background as she did.  And then her printing of the Townsend quote.   Very nice girls, thanks. 

Roberta sent a couple cards, one for the CA Girls map p/c swap, and one which she had printed with a self portrait.     I love them both, Roberta, thanks.

Last but not least is a sweet little poem from Marci, who sent this in response to the latest post card I send to her.    How sweet is this?    

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