Thursday, November 1, 2012

End of October

Goodness Gracious.  Another month sped by.       I'm busy working on the brochure proposal for the art center, and have been serving on the Small Works Show committee.    The show is up now, having een hung earlier this week.     On the first day of taking in the art for the show, I was encouraged/badgered into brining in some work the following day, to enter in the show.   So, first thing in the morning I reframed the fabric face collage, and did some changes in the background of the matted version of my great grandparent's farm   I needed some color and found an old hectograph pencil with green lead in it.   I don't know where it came from, I must have inherited it from either my mom, or my aunt.    It worked perfectly by tapping it lightly with a damp qtip to add another layer of trees behind the farm, and I used it very faintly in the  foreground to tie it together.    I was much  happier with it, and found a frame and popped it in before it was even dry.   Then thinking I should enter something dimensional because the first day, there had not been many entries.  I chose my little asian inspired fabric book, called Wisdom.    It has Charlie Chan quotes in it, and some embellishments handed down from my mom and my aunt.    It is meant to show the wisdom passed on through families and other sources.

   The glass popped out of the top of the frame on the larger piece and the Jean Justeau, chair of the show, fixed it because she said she really wanted it in the show.    Thanks Jean.   That can happen when we use cheap narrow frames.     Note to self.     Dont' do that again!

Now the show has been judged and I'm so glad I did enter because I took first place in mixed media wall art with the little farm scene, and a third place for the fabric collage face.     The little asian inspired book took first place in the 3 dimensional mixed media category.     Opening reception is Friday night.      Francis took a third in 3D MM, Patti took a 2nd.      The big winner was Janet Hayden's Best of Show, a MM piece done with Citrasolv.     Janet and Patti each took other ribbons as well.   Our mixed media artists did well at this show.   It was judged by Susan Richardson, of   I think she's from Tracy.   The show was hung by Richard Bepristis who took an honorable mention for an acrylic painting.    He's a fabulous painter and another judge probably would have given him higher awards.     Judges have their own preferences and this one favored mixed media.    She will come to our next membership meeting and give a critique of the works.      That is always an interesting experience, I learn a lot from them.

Halloween has come and gone.  Here is a pic of Candis all grundged up.


  1. This is a wonderful site .. I have several books waiting for me to take a step forward and start getting creative. Thanks so much. warm wishes from Canada, Susanne