Friday, November 23, 2012

Surprise, two more in the mail box today

The California Art Girls swap brought in two more post cards today with fabric used on them.    The first one is from Beth, with the four photos and the words They Came t Stay stitched on.    It seems to tell a story - a story of two young men, two young women from a year book, I'd guess circa late 1950s.    What became of these people?    we'll never know. 

The second card that arrived has four trees on it. Terrie did not sew anything but used glues to attach the pieces.    It's adorable.    Another collage with layers and old fashioned writing mostly hidden with the fabric strips.    Very intriguing.    

Thanks gals, this is one of  my favorite swaps with our group.   I've loved every card that comes in.   

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