Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sharing art with kids

Well,  my friends, let me tell you, yesterday was a fun day!  A one of a kind day.      A first for the senior center.  We hosted the second and third graders to a day of fun and learning.     The kids attend a church school that's within walking distance.     All cleanly scrubbed in their school uniforms, they filed in and took seats at assigned sections of the big room.     John, Jean, Frances, Phylllis and I had two art tables that would fit 10 kids.    We spread out papers, glue sticks, stickers, ribbons, glittery foam shapes, scissors and old magazines.    Originally it was to be a paper and fabric collage exercise, but one of the gals didn't have the "right stuff" and ventured off to the dollar store and got kid friendly stuff.     Probably a really good idea for kids this age.   I had looked at it as a teaching opportunity, but instead it turned into play.   I relaxed and went with the flow.    Kids loved it, and considered it art play time.    Each group of ten kids would rotate after 30 minutes they would move to another activity.    

Two more tables were set up in another part of the room where kids made something else artsy.  I was too busy to go see what they did there.   At another work station, the kids each had a pumpkin to decorate with veggie trims.    Green pepper slices, olives, lettuce leaves, and grapes.      Seniors assisted them with the hammer and tooth picks which were used to anchor the veggies.  Some of them added marshmallows.

Another work station let the children build little apple tarts, which were then baked, so they could eat them later.     In one corner there was a senior lady reading story books to her 10 kids.      In another room kids learned a little Tai Chi and some Salsa dancing.    

We were tired out by the end of their time with us, and so were they.   They still had the walk back to school.      It was so much fun to be with them, and just watch and help them.     It brought back many good memories and warm fuzzy feelings.     

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