Saturday, December 1, 2012

Art jourals

 what is an art journal?    hmmm.... a book type structure that holds clippings, sketches, ideas related to art?   Perhaps this piece is more of an altered journal.     It was going to be an art journal but went another direction.  This one started with a catalog that came in the mail.  Well, two catalogs arrived the same day, and both of them had Tshirts with cute sayings.    I wanted to remember them, so decided to cut them out and put them somewhere.     This little journal was purchased at Michaels in the dollar bin years ago and I had never touched it.    I covered it with fabric and then started collaging in the tshirts and other images and sayings from the catalog and from my stash.    Here are some pics.   This is going to be a gift for a friend.    These are just a few of the 62 pages covered with art... if you want to call it art.  My friend will get some good giggles from this little friendship gift.

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