Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Art in Sutter Creek Garden Shop

One of my favorite shops in Sutter Creek is the Victorian Garden Shop.    They feature fairy gardens in pots, with little furniture and fences and gates, etc.   Here are some pics from Sunday's visit.

The second one has more than one level with a little ladder leading to the upper level.  This  is the first time I've seen one like this, and the new gate and gate posts are recent additions to the shop.     They have to keep finding new things for those of us who collect and use their things in our  own little gardens. Click on it to see a larger view.    

I just had to show you the shadow of my cowgirl hat.   
Here is Pamela posing next to a deep scarlet geranium.    Don't you  love these hanging petunias?     

What has this got to do with art?   It's inspiration.    Including nature in your art can bring life to it.     Maybe add a flower, maybe add a butterfly, or bee, or an ant.   Maybe add a ladder and make layers and elevations in your work.   You never know just what will inspire you.   Maybe this garden will work for me.   Maybe it will inspire you too.

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